stfknd is phygital. this is understood as the fusion of physical and digital art.  digital content or artworks are implemented in the real world and presented and combined in a variety of ways. stfknd is the future. examples?

stfknd – accomplices of art

stfknd – accomplices of art is the digital implementation of the project stiefkind. stfknd is part of the accomplices of art – an association of several artists who like to go different ways and do not swim with the current. the colors purple and olive play a major role, as do the supposed circles, which […]


stiefkind began as an analog alter ego in the 90s. design. spray. sleep. repeat. then came everyday life and the stepchild was neglected… …until the cancer brought it back to the forefront. layouts that occupy, shape and define life now came into focus. number games, color combinations and recurring elements thus found their way onto […]