was the starting signal for my journey – a journey that led me into the colorful world of spraying. The love of colors and creativity ignited and has accompanied me on my adventures ever since.

From 2003

I ventured into the world of self-employment, anchored in the event industry. But between all the busy moments, I lost sight of the magic of my passion – that magic that made my heart dance in the colors.

The year 2016

brought a twist I never expected: a cancer diagnosis. A chapter full of unpredictable challenges began, but out of that darkness shone a light. It was painting that helped me find my way back to the radiant facets of life.


I was battling the shadows of depression, and in this time of darkness, it was art that led me back to the world of color. Each brush stroke was like a breath of fresh air into my soul.

In 2020

I was hit again by the force of the cancer diagnosis. But I stood ready to face the storm again. My brushes became weapons, my creating a kind of resistance. The colors I put on canvas became living proof of my determination.

2022- 2202

marked the conclusion of a long series of surgeries – a turning point that led me to devote all my energy and dedication to art. Here, in this world of colors, shapes and expression, I find my escape from the monotony of everyday life.

My journey is a kaleidoscope of moments, colors and emotions. In every brush movement, in every spray, a part of me lives on -.

a part that refuses to ever lose itself again.